During our pop up days in Stockholm 1 2 3 December '22, textile artist Amanda Nordqvist accomplished a live-act/performance.
All the way from Athens we took a woven striped cotton to Stockholm and hanged it on a wall in the space we popped-up. Amanda perceived the fabric as a canvas, with the intention to create an artwork and not a clothing pattern.
1,2,3 is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind collection.

 "I went up to Stockholm  from Gothenburg with a trolley packed with paint. We had agreed that I wouldn’t plan to much ahead and there wasn’t any limitations on what colours to use. The idea was just for me to paint and then we would see what the outcome would be like. I made a quick sketch on the train up, just to have something to hold on to. I’m fascinated how there can be so many different phases in the life of a textile. White cloth turned into paintings that has now been shaped into shirts"

A. Nordqvist.