It. The third person of the personal pronoun which can refer to a person, a place, a thing, an idea.

Is. The verb 'to be' , portrays the existence, the identity of something.

A shirt. A garment which covers the upper part of the human body.

It can be created from a fabric or not, it might have a collar, buttons and sleeves.


A polyprismatic project/brand based in Athens.

It embraces the values of no seasonal trends, slow and local production, natural dying process, unusual textures, collaborations, humour , simplicity, timelessness, gender neutrality. It desires to attract human beings who are concerned about the existing story behind the garment that dress themselves. Each piece is produced in our family-production space in Athens, Greece. By creating what we worth wearing, we delicately and consciously tailor our shirts.

Join us so we enjoy the journey together.